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About us

Our Mission:

“Providing a spiritual space for Pagan community members to rekindle their fires”

Who Are We:

32209_388645279772_2110306_nWe are a registered religious education non-profit dedicated to creating an annual Beltane Festival and potentially other pagan-oriented events each year. We are completely volunteer driven and anyone with planning experience, a creative mind, a good heart, and a general willingness to give back to the community are welcome to sign up in any capacity they can take. We work by collaboration in an atmosphere that is non-hierarchical. We believe that paganism, in all its various forms, is a valid spiritual path to finding the divine and seek to create a strong and thriving pagan community.

We Are Dedicated To:

  • Family friendly and adult friendly events
  • Celebration of Pan-Pagan beliefs and styles of worship
  • Having local presenters versus the Big Name Pagans
  • Keeping events as affordable as possible for the entire range of Pagan folk
  • Embracing an earth friendly position and encouraging water conservation, recycling, reusable eating utensils, etc.