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Planning Committee

Meet the Blue Ridge Beltane Planning Committee! These are the people who volunteer their time, energy, and love to make the festival happen here in Virginia every year. NOTE: This page is in the process of being updated, so check back over the coming month to meet all the new committee members!

Adrienne Erinne Hudson

Registration Co-Coordinator
adrienneI have been attending festivals since before I can remember and can’t get enough of them. I’ve been helping out with Blue Ridge Beltane since I was a child and have helped on the committee since 2009. I am now the Registration Co-Coordinator.

I come from a very diverse background of religions. My parents never stressed on a set religion for me, father not choosing one and mother a practicing pagan who doesn’t force her views upon others. Then you have my grandparents on my mother’s side, one a strong southern baptist and the other having a great deal of Native American Heritage. With my father’s parents though, it was the normal Tennessee church-goers till death do you part, which is also fine in my book.

I have been surrounded by many religions in my lifetime and have decided that I don’t want to be bound to any one religion, it isn’t necessary in my eyes. I see myself as just a person, in a very large in-depth plan for the world to come to an end, and in the end it’s the people who are around you that matter. If I belonged to any specific religion, it could potentially put a wedge between a relationship due to differences of beliefs and I try to not get in the way of any other person’s beliefs. That being said, I to do tend to look more on the naturalist side of things and look towards what has been given to us as my supreme being, not necessarily who gave to us.

Just don’t forget to come with an open mind and heart… You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll feel when you come, could be life changing and very special to you and the world.


Aspen Janke-Todd

Vendor Co-coordinator
LauraI’ve been a part of the committee since 2009. I just started associating myself as a Pagan, because I really enjoy the environment when surrounded by other Pagans. I love the energy we give off when we’re in large groups! I am very excited to see all of you at Beltane this year!


Blake Methena

Entertainment Co-Coordinator
Blake Methena has been an entertainment co-coordinator for years with his wife Lauren–he’s just never gotten credit for it until now. A skilled percussionist, Blake has played with talented artists and groups, such as the Latin Cats and Maia Banks in Richmond and Super Fast Runners and the Village Idiot in Ohio. He has also performed at numerous Blue Ridge Beltane festivals with his wife Lauren Kendall and with his longest-standing musical partner Stephen Christoff. Blake is transitioning into session drumming and is also available for drum circle facilitation as a teambuilding event for your private, social or corporate organization.


Diamond Lil

Inner Sanctum Co-Coordinator
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADiamond Lil (Lily) has been a member of the larger pagan community since 2002. Her whole life, however, has been spent doggedly pursuing personal growth and union with the Divine. She started in the pagan community volunteering as an event and vendor coordinator for PagaNet News, Inc. Shortly thereafter, she became a member of Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, where she danced her first all night fire circle as part of an ordeal ritual and promptly fell in love with that style of worship. From there she participated in and facilitated numerous rituals in a mostly eclectic Wiccan and ecstatic framework. Most recently, Lily has aligned her professional work with her values and has become a Certified Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. Lily’s mission in both her spiritual and professional life is to assist others in transforming the lead of their human existence to live empowered, loving lives by working to heal the mind-body-spirit connection so that they can experience themselves and others as they truly are: whole, no more and no less than a child of God…Sacred.


Denise C.

Inner Sanctum Co-Coordinator
deniseDenise AKA “Dirty Mother” has dedicated most of her adult life to empowering women and men in the arts and history of sacred sexuality. Growing up in our patriarchal culture where women are objectified, sexually abused, and shamed for their acts of sexual exploration, she found herself being pushed under and so began to reclaim her sexuality and to help other people do the same. Identifying as a Pagan and learning to embody the Goddess in all her forms has given her the confidence to build on this reclamation. Experiences that have strengthened her commitment: working as a stripper for 4 years on Baltimore’s infamous ‘Block;’ teaching OB-GYN protocol to medical students with Johns Hopkins; selling adult novelties with Athena’s Home Novelties; directing and acting in various productions of the Vagina Monologues; being a part of the Spiral Dance Womyn’s Center, where she taught sex workshops; vending and educating for over six years in the mid-Atlantic Pagan community with her version of The Red Tent; and coordinating the adult-only Inner Sanctum at Blue Ridge Beltane for five years running. She has been making music for over 20 years; her current musical project is Red Wound.



Registration Co-Coordinator, Workshop Co-Coordinator, Campground Coordinator

Jenn has officially been with Blue Ridge Beltane since 2007 and helped out for many years with BRPA. She took on a planning role immediately and hopefully will be with BRB for a long time to come. She has been a practicing Pagan since her late teens and now she is much older than that.

Jenn is an eclectic, cat-loving, belly dancing, magic-practicing and passionate Pagan. In her mundane life she is a retail manager. She used to direct a small humane society and keeps animals close to her heart. Especially cats.

She is an ordained minister and practices an eclectic version of Egyptian and Wiccan heavy paganism. Her patron Goddesses are Isis and Bast. She is a Leo and loves being so. She was very close to her grandmother who was a bit of an herbalist. Her father was Native American and taught her many things about nature and the respect we must have for her. Her mother is a Southern Baptist and also a little Native American. She is a great challenge to her and created a path for becoming a more open minded searching adult.

She has two beautiful, intelligent daughters, Adrienne and Izabelle. Adrienne works with her on the BRB committee. Jenn also has a beautiful cat Autumn, who is her Familiar. She is a Tortie with a tall attitude and loves to be in charge of everything.

Jenn is committed to making your experience at Blue Ridge Beltane a fabulous and fulfilling one. Live and love your life and make it what you want it to be!


Joe D.

Inner Sanctum Security–Guardian and House Manager

Joe Duval is a devout lover of the wild-her-ness. Joe has made it a point to embrace nature through out his life. As a child, he loved exploring the 140 acres of family-owned woods around his home. Joe spent 10 years living in tents and traveling the country with renaissance fairs. He plays drum, didgeridoo and harmonica. As a brother in the Beneficent Order of Greenmen, Joe really knows how to shake branches and can get your leaves to rustle at any gathering. KUBIANDO Joe is an experienced Guardian in ritual workshops at Sacred Harvest Festival and Pagan Spirit Gathering. He is a lifetime Dirty Mother too!


Lauren Kendall

Marketing Coordinator, Entertainment Co-Coordinator, Web Master
laurenLauren Kendall is thrilled to be working with the Blue Ridge Beltane Planning Committee again. She has been involved with Blue Ridge Beltane in some form or fashion since 2001. Lauren got her musical start at the Blue Ridge Beltane Festival when she debuted her first album “when” at the festival in 2002.

Lauren practices an eclectic, intuitive paganism, drawing heavily on Celtic influences in addition to a variety of other mythologies and philosophies.

These days, Lauren shares her time between her family, doing freelance marketing and copywriting work, giving voice lessons and workshops, modeling and music, when she isn’t contributing her time and talents to BRB. Her website (which is in need of updating, so be kind) is


Matt Adler

Master of the Coin (AKA Treasurer)
Matt Adler is a contractor who enjoys renovating older homes and fixing almost anything mechanical. He is a nature lover, father, healer and certified massage therapist. Matt is known to brew mead and beer and is also a beekeeper. In his farmhouse in New Hope, he and his wife Sunny are working toward self-sufficiency and a sustainable lifestyle.


Melissa Janke-Todd

Vendor Co-coordinator
MelissaBioPhotoI have been attending Blue Ridge Beltane since 2008 and have been a committee member since 2013. I married Aspen, my co-coordinator, in March 2014, and we have one brilliant and sweet daughter together. I am passionate about returning to the natural way of things and do feverish research on homesteading and natural birth/parenting in my downtime. Blue Ridge Beltane is my yearly reminder of how beautiful humanity can be when we all come together for a common purpose. One day, you may just find me barefoot and breastfeeding on a commune somewhere! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any BRB-related questions, although I will be better equipped to answer ones about vending. See you in the spring!


Youth Zone Co-Coordinator
Rachael has been a strong presence with the Blue Ridge Beltane community for many years. In the last few years, she has combined her dedication to this festival with her passion for children and become the Youth Zone Co-Coordinator with her friend Stephanie. Together, they are helping steep the next generation in the pagan festival traditions. Rachael has a master’s in teaching, a minor in special education, and a second licensure in special education. She has worked with children since she was 9 and has been forging her own path since she was 14. She and Stephanie, the other Youth Zone Co-Coordinator, have planned many fun and exciting events for the children of this community. They are looking forward to seeing everyone again at this BRB. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again.

Rodney Norseman

Infrastructure Coordinator
Rodney has been attending Beltane in the Blue Ridge Mountains on and off since 2001. He was drawn to Blue Ridge Beltane for new ideas and experiences. He loves the fellowship and unity he has found at Blue Ridge Beltane, which is why he has continued to come throughout the years. The love and connection he feels with this festival have moved him to make the leap from community member to committee member. Rodney now plays an integral role in supporting this festival and is in charge of setting up and taking down festival equipment, along with maintenance and helping with security. He also takes pictures to share during the event, so that everyone may have photos of these fond memories. He has few beliefs and a lot of ideas. He says, “We are all made up of energy and so is everything around us. Every action has an equal reaction. Perhaps if we focus, by means of ritual, meditation or prayer, we can create energy to help things happen.” He is thankful to Gaia for providing us with a home and is motivated to encourage everyone to take better care of our mother.


Youth Zone Co-Coordinator
Stephanie is another member of the Blue Ridge Beltane community who has stepped up in the past few years to help support the festival and the children who attend each year. She works with children on a daily basis and feels very strongly that they should feel comfortable at the festival and have their own space. Stephanie has been working with her friend and co-coordinator Rachael on lots of exciting children’s events and activities for the Blue Ridge Beltane festival! She is super excited to be at the BRB festival again this year. She is an integral part of keeping the festival tradition alive.

Sunny Adler

Rituals Coordinator
DSCF5676Sunny is an Earth-Worshipping, Light-Spreading, Mead-Making, Beer-Brewing, Trance-Dancing, Motorcycle-Riding, Love-Making, Child-Rearing, Garden-Growing, Kirtan-Chanting, Hands-on-Healing, Honeybee-Keeping, Real-Estate-Selling, Universe-Flowing, Music-Loving, World-Traveling, Triathlon-Training, Gratitude-Filled, Sexy, Harlot of a Pagan Woman from the Charlottesville/Staunton area (New Hope to be exact)! She is mother to Joy, Jake, Callie and Mica. She is OH so very happily and passionately married to Matthew. She is friend to many and hopefully many more to come.

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