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Blue Ridge Beltane boasts an impressive group of entertainers from over the years, including Kiva, Revel Moon, The Dreamscapes Project, Cassandra Syndrome, Tuatha Dea, Willow and Crow, and Sharon Knight! 2016 was no different! Tuatha Dea returned triumphantly to rock the festival!

Now, this year, drummer, percussionist, and singer Sue Balaschak returns to the Blue Ridge Beltane Festival – Virginia’s longest-running pagan festival – for the fourth time with her current band, Burning Sage!

Entertainment for 2017 Blue Ridge Beltane

Saturday night, May 20, 2017
This year, Blue Ridge Beltane is proud to present:

Burning Sage


Burning Sage was birthed back in 2002 through the songwriting talent of Lin Sanders and the rhythm of Sue Balaschak. Lin and Sue have combined their artistry in many different ways in many different bands, performing as two of the members of a hard rock power trio, then as an acoustic duo, then as part of the Primal Rhythm Drum Ensemble (who performed at BRB around 2013), and again, full circle, as part of this eclectic tribal/world rock band.

Joining the line up this time around is songwriter Corie Kaminski. In addition to her songwriting skills, Corie holds the drive on the bass. Also joining the founding members is Dawn Fritz Heartsong, who ornaments the songs through her artistry with accouterments and hand drums. Through the years, the common word heard to describe this band is “Intense.” And they deliver – every time.

Be a part of their pounding, driving music and message. You’ll feel the rhythm and strength when you’re up close and personal at Burning Sage’s live concert on Saturday night!

Listen to Burning Sage on Reverbnation!

Hear samples and buy CDs for them to sign at!

Can’t make the whole weekend? Get an “Entertainment Pass” and come just for their performance on Saturday night!

All-weekend, one-day, and entertainment-only ticket information available on the BRB ticket page.


More Entertainment Options

Thursday, May 18 – Special pre-festival activity
7:30pm: Bardic Circle at the Pavilion
Join your tribe for some good times and storytelling the night before the festival starts. Immediately after the Festival Blessing, gather round to tell stories, sing songs, recite poems – your own or someone else’s! The Bardic Circle is one of BRB’s favorite traditions. Join in or come and listen to community storytelling at its finest!

Friday, May 19
6:30pm: Open Jam
Open drum circle with chanting and dancing to raise energy before the lighting of the Bel Fire! People will be expressing themselves in lots of different ways. Bring a drum. Bring instruments. Bring your voice. Bring yourself. We’ll learn some chants or maybe we’ll create one on the spot! Dancing and loving and merry making as the sun sets behind the Blue Ridge Mountains!

After Fire Ritual: Fire spinning by Soul Fire
Photo credit: Fellow BRB community member Roger Lewis
Share the joy of the inner flame of the BRB community as we join for fire spinning and performance from Soul Fire. Soul Fire invites you to share in the passion of the flames as dance is shared and energy is raised through the souls’ fire. Till the Soil. Tend the Soul. Play with Passions of the Fire.

Saturday, May 20
After Burning Sage’s performance, during the bonfire: Fire spinning by Soul Fire
Soul Fire raises energy in our community again with their lively, dancing, joyful fire spinning!


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