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Sparks Park

kidsmaypoleUpdated January 31, 2018!

The Blue Ridge Beltane Sparks Park is where the young people in our community can come and meet friends, make crafts, and learn more about nature and pagan spirituality.

The Sparks Park at Blue Ridge Beltane in Virginia is a safe and fun place for kids and teens who are 17 years and younger. It’s also a place where families can hang out and have fun together. Kids can frolic in this area, learn from entertaining presenters, and be silly, imaginative kids! Be part of making this space a lively kids village! Send in a workshop or event proposal and share your knowledge with the children in our pagan community!

This year 2018, the Spark Park coordinator, Jane, will be offering some child supervision during activities, and volunteers are encouraged. If each parent takes a 1-2 hour shift, everyone shares the fun of enjoying workshops and sparking the creative fire of our incredible youth community. Talk with them in person at the festival to get the details.

And, as always, we encourage parents, older siblings, and the community to get involved and volunteer to work with the young people in the Sparks Park! Your presence and participation will be noticed and greatly appreciated–not just by the Blue Ridge Beltane committee but by the children! After all, the children are the next generation and are a huge part of a flourishing pagan community.

The Sparks Park will open Friday morning at 10am.

All youth are encouraged to attend rituals and entertainment with the community. 2018 activities are still in the planning process, and we will announce them soon! In the meantime, check out what our little sparks enjoyed last year.


Sparks Park Activities for 2017


Friday, May 19, 2017
1pm: Cloud Scrying w/ Angela
4pm: Beading w/ Jane

Saturday, May 20, 2017
10am: Pots and Plants w/ Rachael
11am: Paper Marbling with Shaving Cream w/ Deb and Bean
1pm: Children’s MayPole w/ Jane and Rachael
4pm: Fairy Wands w/ Rachael

Sunday, May 21, 2017
11am: Blessing of the Wee Ones w/ Rachael

Please note: Some activities are offered more than once or can be done outside scheduled times. Please check the schedule in your program or check in with the Sparks Park coordinator Jane when you get to the festival.


FRIDAY, May 19

1-3pm: Cloud Scrying
This class is perfect for school-age children to begin engaging in the intuitive readings of the clouds in the sky. Angela started out doing the same thing at a young age and still loves to engage in cloud scrying to reconnect with her capabilities. Blankets and towels are encouraged to lie on. Parents are welcome to attend.

4-5:30pm: Beading
Express your creative side by making bracelets, necklaces, or even animals out of beads and string. Children of all ages welcome.



10-11am: Pots and Plants
Decorate your own pot and choose a plant to nurture and grow in the coming years.

11am-12pm: Paper Marbling with Shaving Cream
Deb and Bean
Join in this messy, inventive fun of creating custom marbled paper! We’ll supply everything you need, including gloves! Adults are welcome to come play as well, but kids will get priority. We’ll hang the papers to dry, and you can come back in a few hours to pick up your artwork.

1-2pm: Children’s Maypole
Dance and sing around the children’s maypole. Children and families of all ages welcome!

4-5pm: Fairy Wands
Sticks, ribbons, glitter and glue – oh my! Make a fairy wand and let your imagination fly.


SUNDAY, May 21

11am-12pm: Blessing of the Wee Ones
Join together as a community and give blessings to our wee members. Love, hope, luck, peace and health. Many as one.

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