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Youth Zone

kidsmaypoleUpdated December 4, 2016!

The Blue Ridge Beltane Youth Zone is where the young people in our community can come and meet friends, make crafts, and learn more about nature and pagan spirituality. We’ll be announcing 2017 activities by February 2017 – so check back for updates.

In the meantime, check out what we did in 2016 to get an idea of what to expect!

The Youth Zone at Blue Ridge Beltane in Virginia is a safe and fun place for kids and teens who are 17 years and younger. It’s also a place where families can hang out and have fun together. Kids can frolic in the ‘Zone’, learn from entertaining presenters, and be silly, imaginative kids! Be part of making this space a lively kids village! Send in a workshop or event proposal and share your knowledge with the kids in our pagan community!

This year 2016, the Youth Zone coordinators, Rachael and Steffy, will be offering some child supervision during activities. Talk with them in person at the festival to get the details.

And, as always, we encourage parents, older siblings, and the community to get involved and volunteer to work with the young people in the Youth Zone! Your presence and participation will be noticed and greatly appreciated–not just by the Blue Ridge Beltane committee but by the children! After all, the children are the next generation and are a huge part of a flourishing pagan community.

The Youth Zone will open Friday morning at 10:00 a.m.

All youth are encouraged to attend rituals and entertainment with the community.


Youth Zone Activities for 2016

Please note: Some activities are offered more than once or can be done outside scheduled times. Please check the schedule in your program or check in with the Youth Zone coordinators Rachael and Steffy when you get to the festival.

FRIDAY, May 13
1-3pm: Seeing the Community
Beading! Come make your own Goddess Eye or God Eye – a beautiful symbol of our intuition and our connection to the Divine.

4-5:30pm: Faerie Community Houses
If you’ve never made a faerie home before, you are in for a treat! (And if you have made them before, you know how delightful they can be!) Make little living spaces for our fae friends with natural materials found around the campground. Children not only learn how to work collaboratively together – they’ll also recreate domestic living spaces as they see them from their perspective as a gift to the faeries, developing a strong sense of community and belonging.

10-11am: Feeding Our Animal Community
Make your own bird or squirrel feeders to take home with you! Hang them in your backyard and watch from your window as your animal friends stop by for a snack!

11am-12pm: Family Unity – Coat of Arms
What symbols represent your family? Make your own coat of arms to represent the best in your family community!

1-2pm: Children’s Maypole

2-3pm: Beautifying the Community – Leaf Prints and Memory Eggs
Make your own leaf prints and memory eggs to remember this moment in time at 2016 Blue Ridge Beltane.

SUNDAY, May 15
11am-12pm: Blessing of the Wee Ones – Planting Unity in the Community
Bring your young ones for a community blessing of love, health, prosperity, and happiness. Join us as we share blessings with the next generation, who are in turn a blessing to our community! All are welcome.

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