Welcome to Blue Ridge Beltane

Statement of Welcome

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Blue Ridge Beltane open heartedly welcomes all persons, regardless of their race, ethnic origin, age, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, disability, economic circumstance, physical appearance, because we recognize the equal value and spiritual essence of all people.

Our welcome does not include ideologies, faiths, or identities rooted in power imbalances or discriminatory behaviors. We have zero tolerance for racism or anti-blackness, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, queer-phobia, ableism, and other forms of discrimination. Please bring any concerns or questions to AskTheCommittee@BlueRidgeBeltane.org or via our Feedback Form.

Our Mission

To provide a spiritual space for Pagan community members to rekindle their fires.

Our Vision

To celebrate the fertility of life, regardless of spirituality or lifestyle, creating a welcoming and safe community that encourages sustainable environmental practices.

What We Do

Blue Ridge Beltane seeks to provide educational workshops, community gatherings, social events, and arenas for artistic and spiritual expression.

We sponsor, host, and/or participate in events and activities that promote community mindfulness, spiritual growth and awareness, and environmental awareness.

Who We Are

Blue Ridge Beltane is a registered religious education non-profit dedicated to creating an annual Beltane Festival and potentially other Pagan-oriented events each year.

We are completely volunteer-driven.

We believe that paganism, in all its various forms, is a valid spiritual path to finding the divine, and we seek to create a strong and thriving pagan community.

What We’re About

  • Family-friendly and adult-friendly events
  • Celebration of Pan-Pagan beliefs and styles of worship
  • Bring diverse voices to our platform, so we may create a space where people from different backgrounds can connect and grow together.
  • Featuring local presenters, versus the “Big Name Pagans”
  • Keeping our events as affordable as possible for the entire range of Pagan folk
  • Embracing an earth-friendly position and encouraging water conservation, recycling, reusable eating utensils, etc.
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