About us

Statement of Welcome

Blue Ridge Beltane celebrates the diversity of our community. We welcome all, and affirm our support for transgender, gender-expansive, and LGBQIA+ people.

Who We Are

Blue Ridge Beltane is a registered religious education non-profit dedicated to creating an annual Beltane Festival and potentially other Pagan-oriented events each year.

We are completely volunteer-driven.

We believe that paganism, in all its various forms, is a valid spiritual path to finding the divine, and we seek to create a strong and thriving pagan community.

What We’re About

  • Family-friendly and adult-friendly events
  • Celebration of Pan-Pagan beliefs and styles of worship
  • Featuring local presenters, versus the “Big Name Pagans”
  • Keeping our events as affordable as possible for the entire range of Pagan folk
  • Embracing an earth-friendly position and encouraging water conservation, recycling, reusable eating utensils, etc.

Read more about our Mission and Vision here.

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