Board of Directors

Meet the Blue Ridge Beltane Board of Directors! These folks keep the festival on track by managing the business side of things. They keep the accounts in the black, file all the forms, and make sure the festival keeps happening year after year.

Jane Quadri
President (Board Facilitator)

Jane has agreed to take the helm and help us as a committee to navigate the unknown waters ahead. We thank Jane for stepping up.

Sue VonderBecke
Vice-President (Board Co-Facilitator)

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The Vice President co-facilitates meetings, stands in for the president as needed, and keeps the rest of the Board focused. She assists in creating the timeline. She also helps mentor, support, and guide planning committee members as needed.

Aimee Zwart
Board Secretary

Aimee “Thistle” Zwart

Aimee agreed to step up into a difficult position when the committee was in need. As secretary, Aimee is responsible for making sure that every committee member’s voice is heard and recorded in the notes that will be presented to the BRB Community. This is a very demanding position, be nice.

Jane Quadri
Activities Chairperson

Jane Quadri

The Activities Chairperson acts as liaison for the Activities Committee by sharing updates during Board meetings, providing valuable insight and suggestions, and sharing meeting minutes. She establishes the facilitator, note-taker, timekeeper, and vibes watcher for each Activities Committee meeting. Keeps us active.

Laura Jean

The Treasurer handles finances, legal compliance with taxes and grants, maintains the mailing address and communication with the Registered Agent. Hoarder of coins.

Arthur Frey
Communications Director

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The Communications Director makes sure that all outgoing communications and marketing are happening and accurate, as well as making sure incoming messages are being handled and correctly by the appropriate parties.

Favorite Quote – “Do not shoot the messenger”

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