Planning Committee

Meet the Blue Ridge Beltane Planning Committee! These are the people who were so inspired by the festival and the community that they felt moved to volunteer their time, energy, and love to make the festival happen every year.

Lyn Johnson

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Lyn Johnson… Profile Image and Bio coming soon

Aimee “Thistle” Zwart

Ritual Coordinator, Workshop Coordinator

Aimee “Thistle” Zwart

Thistle hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains and has been an integral part of the magical community for many years. She loves being with community at Blue Ridge Beltane. One of her favorite parts of the festival is participating in rituals and workshops. Now, she has the joy of coordinating these delightful activities for future attendees. She says to everyone, “May we aid each other in loving growth during this time of celebration.”

Arthur Frey

Venue Liaison, Onsite Venue Coordinator

Arthur Frey is an avid outdoorsman, bush crafter and hunter, who fell in love with nature and natural movement at an early age, and felt it naturally transform into what he now calls “Everyday Heathenism”. Specializing in the tech side of Blue Ridge Beltane, he lives in wild and wonderful West Virginia with his partner and their daughter.

Eric Eldritch

Maypole Coordinator

Eric Eldritch

Eric Eldritch is a Radical Faerie, Urban Shaman, and Avante-Gardenarian Witch who lives at the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. He is known as a Sacred Fool, a master of the profound and profane, bringing depth and joy to an understanding of body, mind, and soul. He has been invited back to Blue Ridge Beltane year after year to coordinate a “Maypole for All.” (Editor’s note: And because we LOVE HIM!) Eldritch is a community organizer with leadership experience in nonprofit and professional organizations for over 20 years. He specializes in event planning, public relations, and organizational development based on principles of group identity, sociolinguistics, and cross-cultural relations. Drawing on years of experience in ceremonial and ecstatic forms of worship for ritual construction, he specializes in interfaith worship and spiritual retreat planning. Eldritch consults with pagan and community groups to collaborate with, organize, and energize them. Part of his work with these groups includes crafting tailor-made classes, rituals, events, retreats, professional seminars, panels, and fundraisers. He can also create art, graphic designs, flyers, brochures, and promotional materials for groups. Eldritch welcomes your questions, communication, and collaborations! Contact him at or by calling him at 202-309-5486.

Jane Quadri

Activities Chairperson, Sparks Park Coordinator, TASC Force Coordinator

Jane Quadri

Jane is a well traveled, experienced educator who grew up in Ithaca, New York. After earning her B.A. from Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin, she went on to earn her Master of Library Sciences (MLS) degree from Syracuse University. Jane has always had a strong connection with nature and spirit. She has been a practicing pagan for more than 25 years and counts Starhawk and Waldorf-education founder Rudolf Steiner as two of her greatest influences. She has taught and cared for children for over 40 years in addition to raising her own daughter. Nowadays, she also has the joy of getting to spend time with her grandson. Jane is enthusiastic about sharing her vision for the children’s activities area with the Blue Ridge Beltane festival and community and growing the influence of the TASC (Totally Awesome Sages & Crones) Force.

Liliana Arrington

Inner Sanctum Coordinator

Liliana Arrington

Diamond Lil AKA Dirty Flower AKA Lily is a Witch and Priestess in service to Love. Her mission in this life is to love, support, cherish, and encourage others so that they may heal and then transform. She lives by the maxims “Live Out Loud” and “Love It All.” As a hedonist, she seeks to suck every bit of nectar from this life, be it bitter or sweet, and to hold space for others to do the same. She has served the Inner Sanctum temple for 10 years; honoring the Divine, reveling in the sacredness of pleasure, teaching the language of consent, and encouraging all to express their most authentic selves. Lily is also a proud founding Trustee and Vice President of the Stone Circle Tradition of Wicca (USA).

Patch Kyaio

Percussive Incendiary Captain (AKA Drum Circle Facilitator, Bel Fire Coordinator)

Patch Kyaio is a dynamic and engaging percussionist whose spiritual and musical passions have come together to form a personal path that is as loud as it is enlightening. He’s been involved with Blue Ridge Beltane for eight years now. He has been making noise since birth and practicing djembe since 2001. He has found his connection with the world through the drum. His influences range from traditional African, Middle Eastern and Caribbean traditions to jazz, hip hop, folk and everything in between. With an indomitable spirit and an infectious smile, Patch weaves rhythm into every aspect of his life and teachings. His work has included education and performance for colleges, public and private schools, music festivals, spiritual festivals and fundraisers. He has performed with a wide array of musicians, including Overton Barry, Barney McClure, Mark Lewis, Norm Bellas, Karin Kajita, Easa Grayson, R. Tigre Cruz, Pash’n and more! His spiritual path includes Red Road Native American, South American Medicina, and Santeria. He and his proudly polyamorous family live in a 300-year-old cabin deep in the Shenandoah Valley with their dachshund, Charlie; their coyote, Sydah; and two feral children, Luna and Felix.

Sue VonderBecke

Vendor Coordinator, Marketing & Swag

Sue has been the t-shirt lady (Inklings Ink Screen Printing) at Blue Ridge Beltane for four years before coming on as Vendor Coordinator for the 2019 planning season. She expected nothing her first year, and the blessings and welcoming of this magical community drew her back time and again. The festival refreshes her spirit yearly. She respects Mother Earth and teaches others to do the same. She loves to read and create. Sue and her husband Alex have been married since 1980. They have two children (Beth and Cave), and two beautiful, charming granddaughters.

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