Fire & Drumming

The Great Fire Rite

For many decades now, community members have participated in the Great Fire Rite to stir and transform the soul. On Friday night, we light the fire and set the pulse of the weekend. We set our intention and create sacred space. Here, we gather and prepare to be moved.

The Bel Fire (also sometimes called a Bale Fire) is sacred and is one of the key components of our annual Blue Ridge Beltane Festival. The fire burns bright and strong all weekend. You will notice in the festival rules that we are serious about Fire Etiquette. We are always appreciative of our designated Fire Keepers who volunteer to keep the Fire sacred all weekend.

If you want to pledge your commitment to being a Fire Keeper, please fill out our volunteer form!

RETURNING THIS YEAR! A chance for you to get even more involved with the energy of the sacred fire! Learn about building and maintaining a sacred Bel Fire at our Community Fire Build on Thursday afternoon at 1pm!

Drumming at the Festival

In addition to the fire, our drumming and dancing get pretty hot too!

In the mystical glade, find your beat

so they will get off their seat

and move their feet!

We highly recommend following drum circle etiquette for the best communal drumming experience.

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