Inner Sanctum

Welcome to the Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum welcomes you to our adult-only sacred sexuality village. We are so proud to offer you this unique experience. At BRB’s Inner Sanctum, you can enjoy meeting other like-minded folks from the community and exploring your own sexuality in a safe and consensual space. Our staff is devoted and excited to bring you the most memorable, enjoyable, and educational sacred sexual experiences, as well as some new adventures and stories to tell.

We honor consent

Two of the major themes that carry through each year at the Inner Sanctum are consent and boundaries. Consent and boundaries are the most important things we work on in the IS and are essential to the exploration of our sacred sexual selves and our sacred sexuality community. Without knowing how to communicate our needs and negotiate our desires openly and honestly, we cannot come into our true power as sexual beings. We have much pride and hold a high standard of consent at the Inner Sanctum.

We honor the tradition of a family-friendly festival

We understand the delicate balance needed to keep this festival alive and thriving year after year. We are very proud of Blue Ridge Beltane’s family friendly atmosphere, and we have gone to great lengths to make sure the families and children attending the festival feel safe and comfortable. We deeply honor the families who want a safe and fun environment for their children and themselves. We deeply honor the adults who want a safe and adult-fun environment for themselves, their partners, and their potential partners.

What should you expect to find at the Inner Sanctum?

Tucked away from the open areas and skyclad optional, you will find a carpeted and sensually decorated tent and an outdoor open gathering space that will tempt your senses. You will be offered a range of educational workshops, gender-related sexuality circles, an annual themed cabaret, and a sacred sexuality ritual with a bit of daring and devotion. All events are fueled and spawned from within the BRB community and planned in such a way to bring attendees to a heightened energy and awareness of the sacredness of the human body and their own inner passions.

Thank you,
Lily “Dirty Flower” and the Inner Sanctum Staff

Rules and Conduct

  • Enter the Inner Sanctum with an open heart and an open mind. Please show respect for all attendees during events, workshops or while just hanging out in the IS Village.
  • No cameras, video, or audio recording devices are permitted in the Inner Sanctum.
  • Do not touch anyone’s belongings without permission.
  • Please respect all items placed on the altar and do not touch them, unless something is your own property or you are making an offering.
  • Please respect and honor your own boundaries and all other IS attendees’ boundaries. Always ask before touching anyone. Never assume that it is okay. If you feel you or someone else has been violated in any way, please notify IS Guardians or Staff immediately.
  • Inner Sanctum Staff’s word is final and must be obeyed.
  • Using the Inner Sanctum during free time is welcomed. Please follow normal party etiquette and use common sense. Do not interfere physically or verbally with a scene or anyone else’s fun, unless you are invited.
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