Committee Member Changes Jan, 3 2021:

Dear Community,
Honoring our commitment to the community for transparency, we wanted to apprise you of some committee personnel changes that took place recently.

  • We were extremely happy to welcome our new Diversity and Inclusion Chair, Lyn. She is by her own words “an activist” and we are excited to see what changes she brings. More information on this new position will be shared as it evolves. 
  • Patch announced that he will be leaving his position as President/Board Facilitator and Jane graciously stepped up to fill the position for the 2021 year. Patch will be staying on as the Drum Circle Facilitator and Bel Fire Coordinator.
  • Adam announced his immediate resignation from the committee and his position of Venue Liaison.  Arthur will be stepping in as the Venue Liaison due to his existing relationships with the current venue owners. 

We thank all of the outgoing members for their time in service to this committee and hope them well in their next endeavor.

Previous to this meeting two other members of the committee also decided to step away:

  • Cori has decided to resign from the position of Medical Chair for family reasons 
  • Jenn has decided to resign from the role of Infrastructure Chair for personal reasons

Replacements for these positions will be sought as we get closer to an in-person event.

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