Message to the Community

This message was posted in a thread on the Blue Ridge Beltane Facebook group. Notes have been added for clarity.

Dear Blue Ridge Beltane Community,

We, as the board and committee of Blue Ridge Beltane have heard you. We hear your concerns and your clear critique, and we all know they are all born of true love for this community and a desire to see this event and community prosper. We understand and accept that we have mountains of things to unpack, interpersonally, intrapersonally, and as a functioning system. We understand and we have begun to take steps to create real, lasting solutions to these issues.

In this spirit, we support the community administration and management of this BRB [Facebook] page. We have heard your requests to have ownership of the [Facebook] page, and we agree that as this is the community page, it should be run by the community, for the community.

Brittany and Mel currently have the admin privileges and they, along with the community as a whole, can decide how to handle that. We would request the name of the page reflects this shift, in the form of renaming it “Blue Ridge Beltane Community Page”, but that will be up to you, the community to decide.

We, as the board and committee will be listening to the community page, we endeavor to talk less and listen more. We need to shift our focus to dealing with our own internal issues of conflict management, personal bias, systemic bias, and more. We are putting many of your

 recommendations into action. We are quieting ourselves and humbling ourselves while we seek to explore and solve the issues at hand. 

We hear the request both for transparency and to be heard by the committee, and we will be making our meeting minutes public on our website, as well as discussing an alternate form of contact. Through the website, you will have access to information regarding the steps we are taking moving forward, in order to better ourselves, our systems, and our community. As always, you can reach us by using or


Blue Ridge Beltane Planning Committee & Board

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