Rules and Etiquette

We eagerly look forward to celebrating with you! To maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all, festival and campground security teams will be enforcing the rules listed below:

  • All state, federal, and civil laws must be obeyed. All festival and campground rules must be obeyed. Providing alcohol to minors is illegal.
  • Physical altercations, abusive language, hate speech, discrimination, and violence (such as racism, misogyny, misandry, transphobia, etc.) will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate removal from the festival without refund.
  • No public drunkenness or public nudity.
  • Do not leave campfires unattended. Unattended fires may be put out immediately by security.
  • Do not move tables or fire rings from their original sites.
  • Quiet hours are observed 11pm-8am for most of the campground. Inner Sanctum observes different quiet hours and may be loud until 3 a.m. or later.
  • Please limit driving of cars once they are unloaded (with the exception of those with handicap status). Headlights must be on after dark and when raining.
  • No wood may be brought into the campground. Fallen or locally sourced wood is permitted.
  • Before entering the festival, each person must sign a waiver for themselves and any minors for whom they are responsible. At that time, a wristband will be issued. Wristbands must be worn at all times. For all our protection, anyone found wandering the festival grounds without a wristband will be escorted to registration. Children without wristbands will be taken to registration.
  • No dogs or other animals are allowed. Only medically required service animals are welcome. All papers (rabies, vaccinations, and service status) are required at registration. The service animal must wear its vest and must be kept on a leash.
  • No firearms or weapons – all blades must be “peace tied”.
  • Please respect the Fire Keepers and the Sacredness of the Bale Fire, which will burn all weekend. Nothing should be placed in the sacred fire without prior permission of the Fire Keepers. Do not put trash or cigarette butts in the sacred fire circle.
  • Alcohol may be consumed at the fire circle outside the roped off area and if it is not in its original container. Please make sure to take away all cups and trash and dispose of them in the proper trash cans.
  • Only registered vendors and workshop presenters may sell their wares at the festival. Anyone caught selling merchandise that is not registered as a vendor or presenter will be immediately removed from the festival.
  • Only festival attendees who are 18 years and older are allowed in the Inner Sanctum.
  • Please respect our dear Mother Earth and practice earth friendly ways. Although not a rule, she requests you bag your recyclables and take them home with you or to a local recycling facility. We expect all trash to be bagged and placed in the common dumpster as you leave. Do not place cigarettes butts on the ground. Do not put trash or cigarette butts in the fire circle. In other words, leave no trace. Thanks!

General Etiquette

  • Please be aware of both your language and actions – this is a family friendly festival.
  • Photography is allowed. However, always ask permission before taking a picture, and ask before posting pictures publicly in social media. Never photograph minors who aren’t yours or who aren’t part of your group.
  • The festival has always held children dear and will again have child-specific events. However, this is not a babysitting service. We ask that parents/guardians please sign up for a volunteer work shift with the Sparks Park coordinator. Children should not roam the grounds by themselves.
  • All minor children under the age of 18 must camp with their parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • To respect our community members who have sensitivity to alcohol, please do not keep alcoholic beverages in their original containers when walking around. Bring a fun mug or pretty goblet for yourself! In fact, a special place, The Wellspring Café, will operate all weekend as a gathering place that is drug and alcohol free. Coffee and tea will be in abundance, if you help manifest it. Just bring a mug!
  • Plan to be earth friendly in all your actions. Do not: cut down live trees, place lanterns on trees, throw your recyclables in with your regular trash, run the water, drive your car around, or engage in other activities that waste resources or pollute. For example:
    • Please bring bags or bins for recycling as well as for trash.
    • Bring reusable plates, cups, and utensils. Bring your own mug for the Wellspring Café.
    • Practice water conservation; shower with a friend (ha!)
    • Leave your car parked and walk to things (handicapped, of course, may drive).
  • Bringing your own First Aid supplies is always a good idea.
  • Bring enough food for the weekend, or bring some money for the food truck. No one likes a mooch!
  • Decorating your camp site with Pagan imagery is highly encouraged. The more, the better!
  • Please review the schedule and the hours when registration is open. Note that registration will be closed overnight and during the rituals. While closed, you may park your car at registration and enjoy yourself; however, no cars may enter the grounds and unload when registration is closed.
  • Lastly, use the good sense that the Gods and Goddesses gave you. We all want to have a good time and leave with only happy memories.

For additional general festival etiquette info you can check out websites such as:

We plan to have one kickin’ time with lots to offer everyone. If you want to contribute your time or offer supplies, it is welcome and appreciated.

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