Statement Regarding Allegations of Consent Violations

Dear BRB Community,

This is the official communications channel for the BRB planning committee.  Any other communications not coming through this channel are not the voice of the committee as a whole, and should not be received as such.

We would like to address the allegations of consent violations within the Inner Sanctum tent by a committee member during the festival.  The BRB Planning Committee considers preserving personal safety and consent of each of its membership to be of paramount importance.  It will not stand by anyone who violates this, or attempts to.  Given the allegations, we will be doing an internal investigation and will act on any clear facts regarding this incident swiftly.

We see the flaws in the historical processes addressed, and the loopholes that have been abused which is why we are overhauling the process and creating standard operating procedure for things like a vote of no confidence in a sitting committee or board member.

We absolutely take consent very seriously. We have formed a subcommittee who will be able to look into these very serious issues. We are happy to collaborate with a community arbitration team, and as this is the first we are hearing of it, would love to be put in contact with them so we can all work together on these issues moving forward.  If they wish to work independently from the planning committee, we will abide by those wishes also.

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